USDA Prime Ribeye, 12pc/Case

USDA Prime Ribeye, 12pc/Case

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USDA Prime Ribeye Steaks are the pinnacle of beef cuts, boasting unparalleled tenderness, succulence, and flavor. Sourced from the short loin of well-fed, young cattle and graded as USDA Prime, these steaks are distinguished by their abundant marbling, which, when cooked to perfection, melts into the meat, creating a juicy, buttery texture and delivering a rich, beefy taste. Whether seared on the grill, broiled, or pan-seared, they are a gourmet delight, often served as individual portions in upscale dining establishments or enjoyed as a luxurious treat at home, offering a premium steak experience that's second to none.


*Thickness of steak may vary.

How to Order (Qty):   By Case

Average Size:     10-12oz per Steak

USDA Prime Grade.  Frozen*

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